Madathinakath Johnson & Usha | Braves By their Broken Hearts

What made this poor Polio-affected illiterate man, donate low-cost LEDs and solar panels for the needy?.... What made this intelligent hindhu woman, to choose a living along with this differently abled man?...  What made their relation strong?.. What made this duo to offer best things to society?

Every once in a way, Life will pin you down and nail your feet to the ground. You will feel crippled, beaten, battered and burnt out. That’s when you must make a choice to stay strong.

Biographical Sketch | Madathinakath Johnson & Usha

  • Johnson paralyzed by Polio, when he was just 6 months old.
  • He was unable to attend the school and confined to a chair because of his disability.
  • His mother was his first and the only teacher who learnt him how the nature works and helped him finding his inner thoughts.
  • after his mother had died, and his industrial unit was gutted by fire and everything looked lost - that Johnson first met Usha.
  • After he faced some issues in hiring the male members into his light bulb industry, Johnson decided to hire the female trainees, and Usha came in the first Batch.
  • It was Johnson's passion and willingness towards life, which impressed Usha to share her life with him, despite his disabilities.
  • Johnson's father and all his brothers are against their relationship.
  • Usha was a hindu and Johnson was a Christian. In order to marry him, Usha has been converted into a christian.
  • Before their relationship, Usha used to live alone with her mother.
  • During her work hours, Usha's mother saw Johnson and his disability. She forced Usha to resign the job, because she could not tolerate seeing her daughter moving with a pity person.
  • Usha decided to marry Johnson, to avoid her mother seperating them both for the rest of their life.
  • They didn't lead a happy life even after their marriage. They don't even have a house.
  • The surrounding people protested while they started living in a rest house.
  • They didn't have a place of work. No machines. They have taken loan from the government to start their company.
  • The couple decided to commit Suicide in front of the Bank, which didn't closed their loan and forced them to pay an extra interest.
  • They conducted free training for less privilaged in society. Started a committee RAKSHA to fight against the menace of waste dumping in the living areas and rivers.
"When you trust the other person 100 per cent, your life becomes easier.Many had apprehensions about our relationship in the beginning, maybe that is the reason our families also opposed it, apart from the difference in religious beliefs.However, as life progressed, they have realised that our love was true. - Johnson Madathinakath

No physical disability has touched the mental strength of Johnson. Six months after he was bornhis family realised that he was not like others. He could not go for formal schoolinglike his brothers. But he followed his instincts and created a space of his own with his passionfor life and electronics. That fire in him attracted me, and the dedication hehas to every job that he takes up. Even now, he does not waste a single minute of his life.... - Usha


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