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His birthday is celebrated as WORLD MATHEMATICS DAY! A super genius or we can say A CHILD PRODIGY! What made this poor man into a prosperous and great mathematician? what made this person unique among all the students in his childhood? To know more about this wonderful person, let's read his biographical sketch!

Biographical Sketch | Sri Srinivasa Aaiyangar Ramanujan
  • Srinivasa Ramanujan, Indian mathematician whose contributions to the theory of numbers include pioneering discoveries of the properties of the partition function.
  • The word Ramanujan (literally means, "younger brother of Rama", a Hindu deity)
  • When Ramanujan was a year and a half old, his mother gave birth to a son, Sadagopan, who died less than three months later. In December 1889 Ramanujan contracted smallpox, but recovered, unlike 4,000 others who died in a bad year in the Thanjavur district around this time. He moved with his mother to her parents' house in Kanchipuram, near Madras (now Chennai).
  • He is the one who never lost his joy at learning some thing new.
  • As a boy he impressed his classmates,senior students and teachers with his insight and intuition.
Srinivasa Aaiyangar Ramanujan
  • Mathematics was his most favourite subject among all the subjects.
  • He worked out loney's trignometry exercises without any help at the age of  just13.
  • LONELINESS is his unique quality.while all the children involved in sports or other activities, he used to sit alone and try to derive the derivations.
  • His math ability won several friends to him, which is very impressive.
  • Once his senior student posed a problem"If root x+y=7 and x+root y=11,what are x & y?Immediately he replied x=9 and y=4.which impressed the senior student to become a good friend of ramanujan.
  • He always performed exceptionally well in mathematics, by overcoming his failures. It is a motivation which inspires those who accept failures and small disappointments.
  • As in those days, paper was so expensive for him. He used to write his ideas and results on waste and scrap papers.
  • His filled notebooks are now famous as "Ramanujan's frayed notebooks"
  • The results in his notebooks inspired mathematicians all around the world!
  • After getting inspired by the book 'Orders of Infinity', he wrote a letter to famous English mathematician G.H. Hardy (Who later became his mentor) in 1913.
  • Seeking mathematicians who could better understand his work, he began a postal partnership with G. H. Hardy at the University of Cambridge, England.
  • After a visit to India, G.H Hardy brought Ramanujan with him to England but unfortunately he could not get habituated with the weather and surroundings in England.
  • Also, being a devout Brahman, this mathematical super-hero had a tough time adjusting with the culture and cuisine there.
  • In his school days,along with school homeworks, he worked with some patterns out of his interest.
  • He had sent papers of 120 theorems and formulaes to great mathematician G.H.Hardy and he worked with him.
  • Presented numerical theories on numbers,which included circle method in number theory, algebra inequalities, elliptical functions, etc..
  • During his short life, Ramanujan independently compiled nearly 3,900 results (mostly identities and equations).
  • He was the second person from India to be elected for fellowship in the Royal Society in 1918.
  • He became first Indian person to be included into the membership of Trinity college, Cambridge.
Bronze statue of Ramanujan in Thanjavur District, Tamilnadu, India.
  • Even during his ill health, he never forget to think about numbers. After a funny incident, he had given a magical number.
  • He remarked the taxi number of one of his friends, named Hardy, as an unexceptional number.
  • 1729 is the smallest integer that can be represented in two ways by the sum of two cubes.
  • 1729 = 13+123 = 93+103
  • Unfortunately, due to tuberculosis,we lost the GENIUS BRAVE in madras on april 26,1920.
  • The Ramanujan Journal, a scientific journal, was established to publish work in all areas of mathematics influenced by Ramanujan, and his notebooks containing summaries of his published and unpublished results have been analyzed and studied for decades since his death as a source of new mathematical ideas.
  • A deeply religious Hindu, Ramanujan credited his substantial mathematical capacities to divinity, and said the mathematical knowledge he displayed was revealed to him by his family goddess. "An equation for me has no meaning," he once said, "unless it expresses a thought of God."
  • Government of India recognised this great mathematician and released a POSTAL STAMP on his name.
  • Every year, on 22nd December, we celebrate World Mathematics Day, in the memory of Ramanujan.
  • Govt. of India also declared 2012 as YEAR OF MATHEMATICS, on the eve of 125th birth anniversary of Ramanujan.
  • Even though he had passed away, he will STAY ALIVE IN OUR HEARTS FOR EVER.
  • To know more about the wonder person,you may watch the given link,in which the english documentary of him will be visible.



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