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Children are like the soft, tiny and beautiful flowers. As kids, they are always happy and spend the life with joy... but, how this ordinary girl child faced so many problems in her life?! What made this girl to inspire everyone in the world and to spread the importance of the education? What made this courageous girl to strive for female education? How her courage helped her to fight against the talibans? How a miracle had changed her life? Introducing a brave girl, who stood as a motivation for the youth. She is also the promoter of women empowerment!

  • Malala yousafzai is a well known PAKISTHANI MUSLIM STUDENT (born on 12th July, 1997)
  • She became popular as a teen educational activist, especially for female education activism.
  • Her aim is to make every child as a Literate.
  • She was born in a town called MINGORA, which is near to the north-west frontier province in Pakisthan.
Malala Yousafzai, delivering speech at the 2013 United Nations Human Rights Prize achievement

Short Biographical video of Malala Yousafzai

  • Her parents were Toorpekai yousafzai  and Ziauddin yousafzai.
  • They were very glad to have Malala Yousafzai, as their child and Malala's brother too was very grateful to have a supporting and motivational sister.
  • She gained a positive popularity when she was just 11 year old in 2009 by a blog written by her-self in the BBC NEWS URDU LANGUAGE SERVICE.
  • On 9 october 2012,she was faced an incident, which took her to near death.
  • Atta ullah khan, A Taliban gunman, shot her in the head and neck as an assassination attempt.
  • She was given an emergency treatment in Pakisthan.
  • All her supporters were prayed to the almighty for her recovery!. She then moved to Great Britain, for a better medical treatment!
  • She is moved to QUEEN ELIZABETH HOSPITAL, which is located in Brimhingham.
  • She had undergone 2 long operations, nearly 5 and half hours long in February 2013.
  • She had a Cochlear implant, for re-hearing.
  • She had a Titanum plate in the place of the hole in her skull.
  • Finally, a miracle happened by god, and the prayers of her supporters had fulfilled!. Malala discharged safely.

  • She became more popular in THE HUFFINGTON POST.
  • DAVID TRUMBLE, an award winning artist, made a cartoon of her as a Disney princess, along with other feminist icons in May 2012.
  • At the age of 16, on 12 July 2013, she had given a mesmerizing & an attractive speech at the Headquarters of the United Nations.
  • The speech includes the awareness of :
  1. Human Rights, 
  2. Peace and Harmony,
  3. Non-violence against terrorism. 
  • In October 2013, she was invited by the Government of USA, to meet the family of  PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA.
  • She was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • She was just 17 year old, to be honoured by awarding the Nobel Peace Prize, in October, 2014.
  • Malala also got honoured by other Prizes include :
  1. Shikharov prize,
  2. Simone de beauvoir prize,
  3. Honourary canadian citizenship,
  4. National youth peace prize.


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