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A teacher enters into a Kindergarden and wishes her children...

"Hello kids! today we will discuss about our parents... I will ask one by one. You should answer my questions.. If you answered all my questions well, I am going to give you a really big chocolate!!.. Shall we?"
Yes Ma'am... 

"At first, Jagannath, come here."
Yes ma'am..

"What does your daddy do?"
He always watches TV..

(everyone laughs..)

"Good, What does he do from morning till evening?"
He watches Spiderman, movies and songs along with me..

"OK.. What does your mommy do?"
She cleans all of our rooms in the house... She made a cake last evening, which we all ate. It's so delicious.

"What does she do in her spare time?"
She is very boring.. don't play with me and dad at all... Also hides my Spiderman if I don't like to eat.. 

"How are you coming to school everyday?"
Mom leaves me at school everyday... she again comes in evening to bring me back.

"Who did your amazing haircut?"
Daddy cut my hair.. at home on last Sunday...

"So, what are the other things your Daddy do..?"
He did fixed my best friend Spiderman's hand when it was broken...

"Great.. what does he do outside the home?"
He plays everytime with me.

"Tell me about your mommy.."
She is always dull... Won't play with us at all..She also don't like Spiderman!. I don't like her.. 

"Does she beat you?"
Long ago.. When she bet me, dad bet her. She is very scared of dad.. Now she is not beating me as I'm daddy's best friend.

"Where is your dad's office"
He don't have an office...

"From where do you get your Spiderman?"
Mommy bought him from big store.. He costs 10 dollars.

"Where is your mom's office?"
She don't have an office... 

"So, you should feel very joyful to get a very nice mommy!"
No, I don't like her.. she makes daddy angry..

"Who is good? Your mommy or daddy?
I like daddy most... We always fool mom by hiding ourselves in cupboard.. mommy gets fooled always when she returns from market and couldn't find us.

"When do you bring your daddy to show us?"
He won't come here.. You have to come and meet him.

"I think your daddy is very busy.."
Yes... It tooks very big time to finish his bath, He is slow in putting on his clothes.. I'm the fastest one in putting on my clothes after the bath.

"So, your daddy is the laziest one in the house..!"

"Do he likes us?"
He likes whatever I like.. I like you, so he too likes you.

"Will you make him to come here and meet us?"
No, I won't ..

"So, you don't like us...!"
I like you so much but, my dad can't come here..

"OK... Bring your daddy and show to us, whenever you can..!"
He will come to see all of you when Spiderman gives him legs to walk.. Daddy said that Spiderman will come one day and fixes his legs. We are watching him everyday in our TV, but, Spiderman didn't fixed my daddy yet!


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