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Created a musical sensation around the world... His music instantly turns down all tensions and problems and restores peaceful mind in people... Gave new meaning for music with his in-depth lyrics..
Lost his father at the age of 9 years... Surrounded with negative thoughts and lost hope on life.. How this man of divinity turned into a Musical Maestro?

[Video] A.R. Rahman's performance 'Jagao Mera Desh..' on MTV

A R Rahman | Biography
  • His father R.K. Shekhar was a film composer
  • Rahman's original name was Dilip Kumar.
  • Rahman grown up playing his father's musical instruments.
  • His father Shekhar died when Dilip kumar is 9 years old. Then the family lived by renting his musical instruments.
  • Depressed of his father's death, Dilip kumar could not able to concentrate on studies and kept on failing in exams.

  • When Dilip kumar was in High school, he formed a band along with his classmates.
  • After discussing with his mother, Rahman dropped out of school and pursued a full-time career as a musician.
  • At the age of just 11 years, he started working with composers like Ilayaraja, S. Viswanathan, Jakir Hussain, etc., and obtained scholarship from Trinity College, London.
  • At the age of 23 years, Dilip Kumar converted into Islam religion along with his mother and sister, which changed his name to Allah Rakha Rahman(A.R.Rahman)
  • Rahman initially composed music for documentaries and advertisements for Indian Television.
  • In 1992, He approached film Director Mani Ratnam to compose his tamil film, ROJA.
  • Rahman often says, "I believe that whatever comes at a particular time is a blessing from God.".

  • Rahman received National Awards and discovered as one of the best music directors, after his debut film, ROJA got popularized around India.
  • The film's music was commercially successful in it's original language Tamil and also all the other languages into which the film was dubbed.
  • His innovative song CHINNI CHINNI AASAI is still one of the best songs..
  • His first soundtrack, for Roja, was listed on Time's all-time "10 Best Soundtracks" in 2005. Film critic Richard Corliss said that the composer's "astonishing debut work parades Rahman's gift for alchemizing outside influences until they are totally Tamil, totally Rahman".
  • Rahman's later films were all a huge successes including BOMBAY, GENTLEMAN and SAKHI.

  • Rahman introduced 7.1 surround sound technology to South Indian films.
  • In 2005 Rahman expanded his Panchathan Record Inn studio by establishing AM Studios in Kodambakkam, Chennai, creating the most cutting-edge studio in Asia.
  • Rahman's music for 2008's Slumdog Millionaire won a Golden Globe and two Academy Awards (a first for an Asian), and the songs "Jai Ho" and "O... Saya" from its soundtrack were internationally successful.
  • His song JAI HO became an anthem for Indians. His version of Vande Mataram, The National song of India gave a new kind of feeling for Indians.

[Video] A.R.Rahman's 'Fikar Mat Karo' (for children who are scared of exams)

  • In 2012, Rahman's bollywood film Rockstar became a musical hit.
  • During the 81st Academy Awards ceremony Rahman paid tribute to his mother: "There is a Hindi dialogue, mere pass ma hai, which means 'even if I have got nothing I have my mother here'.".
  • Rahman has supported 'Save the Children' India.
  • Apart from successful soundtracks, he has also received acclaim for his background scores and is considered one of the finest background-score composers in India.
  • His background scores are often characterised by the usage of subtle orchestration and ambient sounds.
Childhood Photo of A.R. Rahman with his mentor M.K. Arjunan
  • Trained in western classical music, he often employs contemporary instruments such as Guitars, Cello, Flute, Strings, Keyboard, Finger board, Harpejji, Santoor and traditional Indian instruments such as Shehnai, Sitar, Mrudangam, Veenai & Tabla to create scores.
  • In 2008 Rahman opened the KM Music Conservatory with an audio-media education facility to train aspiring musicians in vocals, instruments, music technology and sound design. The conservatory (with prominent musicians on staff and a symphony orchestra) is located near his studio in Kodambakkam, Chennai.
  • Rahman has also been involved in non-film projects. Vande Mataram, an album of original compositions released for India's 50th anniversary of its independence in 1997, is one of India's bestselling non-film albums.
  • In 1999, Rahman partnered with choreographers Shobana and Prabhu Deva and a Tamil film-dancing troupe to perform with Michael Jackson in Munich, Germany at his Michael Jackson and Friends concert.
[Video] Rahman composing music for advertisements in 1990s

  • Since 2004 Rahman has performed three successful world tours before audiences in Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Dubai, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States and India.
  • Rahman performed at a White House state dinner arranged by US President Barack Obama during an official visit by Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on 24 November 2009.
  • Rahman launched India's first YouTube Original, ARRived, which aims to find the best singing talent from across country. The series has 13 episodes and the first episode was uploaded on 7 November 2018. Rahman is the main judge and he is accompanied by Shaan, Vidya Vox and Clinton Cerejo.
  • Rahman partnered with Marvel Entertainment to compose a promotional track titled "Marvel Anthem" in Hindi and Tamil for the hollywood film, Avengers: Endgame (2019).
  • "Your inner voice is the voice of divinity. To hear it, we need to be in solitude, even in crowded places." , one of the best sayings of A.R.Rahman..
[Video] A.R.Rahman's 'The Oracle' (from 99Songs, the movie)


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