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Born with a curse!!! Even abandoned by their own parents at the age of three.. Grown up in a hospital on the Government aid... Though three well known medical teams strived so hard to conduct a surgical separation of physical bodies of both sisters, all the hopes went down, as it may cause their death... What is the force that driving them to build hope on life?!

a picture of Veena and Vani when they are found abondoned.
  • The twins are born conjoined on October 16th, 2002, in Hyderabad, India.
  • The first stage of the separation surgery was performed in December 2004 by Dr. Yarlagadda Nayudamma in Guntur General Hospital. Veena and Vani have been at the center of media hype since then, their first surgery too was reported extensively, with politicians and bureaucrats visiting the hospital. But, the operation failed.
  • They were abondoned by their own parents, who can't afford to raise these differently abled children.
  • They were given to Niloufer Maternity Hospital, Hyderabad, in 2005.
  • From then, they were grown up in the same hospital on the Government aid.
  • In 2008, Dr. Ashish Mehta, Neurosurgeon of Breach Candy Hospital Mumbai, came forward to perform the surgery but it did not work out.
  • After a series of disappointments and operation failures, the kids finally got a ray of hope when doctors from UK agreed to examine them in February 2015. 
  • "The twins share an important blood vessel and this is where the risk lies in doing operation", the doctors explained to media..
  • Later, the Telangana government wrote a letter to AIIMS regarding the kids' situation, saying that the government was ready to bear all the expenses of the surgery.
  • “They are very bright children and one of them is also very good at singing,” the staff member of Niloufer Hospital said while not being able to tell the twins apart.
  • The twins were moved to a State-run home for children in 2017 after it was decided by the government that they need a more conducive environment for growth. For the children, who have been living in Niloufer Hospital since they were three, the move was fraught with emotion. The girls told the reporters that they missed Niloufer and its staff very much..
  • Having skipped class 4 and 6, the intelligent girls passed out in flying colours with 90 per cent in class VII from a local Government school in 2017.
  • Both are good at Math, Science and Geography. V Ramulu, Regional Joint Director, Women Development and Child Welfare Department, said that the children are very good at grasping things. 
  • When a media person asked the sisters about their ambitions, one of the both sisters replied that her goal is to become an engineer. The another one wanted to become a Scientist and serve the Nation..
Let us hope for the best in their lives and their dreams may become true!!


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